Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning Tips

  1. Here are some cleaning tips, which will really help keep your home in pretty good condition, until the next deep cleaning:

  2. For your bathroom: 

    *  For in between cleanings, drop an ounce or two of bleach in the toilet.  Use the toilet brush and swirl it around and don’t flush! Let the bleach whiten and remove any stain build ups. 
    *  Speaking of the toilet brush, try placing a little pine cleaner or citrus scented cleaner in the toilet brush holder. This helps keep the brush from getting ‘stinky’.
    *  For those tough mildew stains in between your tiles, get an old toothbrush and place dishwashing detergent on it and scrub that mildew away, while pouring a little hydrogen peroxide on it.It works well to help dislodge the ‘nasty’ between your bathroom tiles.
    *  Use a simple handheld squeegee to wipe down your shower doors after each shower. You’d be surprised at how much soap scum can build up on those shower doors! 

  3. For your kitchen:

    *  This may sound weird but make a commitment to leave an empty sink each night before you go to bed. Once the dishes are washed, (or your dish washer is loaded), simply rinse the sink with your sponge and dishwashing detergent. To keep from stains and water spots, grab a paper towel and dry the sink well. You’d be surprised how a quick rinse and dry leave the sink looking..
    *  It’s terrible when you burn a piece of meat, not just for the waste of inedible food, but for the chore it us to clean up the burned pan! Try this.. squeeze a little dish detergent and some water in the pan and place it on a very low flame, just for a few moments. The heat and soapy water work well together to lift the burned food off the pan.
    *  Before you place a garbage bag in your kitchen garbage can, place a dryer sheet at the bottom, between can and bag. This helps keep a nicer smell in between bag removals.